Live Answering Services

Enlist Our Phone Service Representatives

Earn your customers’ trust and patronage with the help of ABC Answering Service in Palatka, FL. Our live answering services will enable you to assist your customers with whatever service issue or concern they may have any time of the day. Whether they need to help in scheduling appointments or providing emergency services, you can rely on our telephone service representatives to project a positive and professional image of you and your business to you callers. With us, your customers can expect to be greeted by a real person and not an automated voice machine.

Our Answering Service Protocol

By forwarding your phone line to ABC Answering Service, our telephone service representatives will answer your calls in your business name. We have an advanced computerized system that makes your company’s information and instructions about emergencies and on-call staff readily available to our live operators. This makes the transfer of emergency calls to your on-call physician, veterinarian, or service technician faster and seamless. In receiving calls, you will decide what information you would like our professionals to ask from the caller. Delivered in a timely manner, detailed messages can be sent directly to pagers, cellular phones, and various wireless devices, showing the caller’s name, phone number, and message. You will also have the option to have a copy of your messages sent to multiple email addresses and faxed to your office. Messages will be provided Monday through Saturday.

Receive Support From Our Live Operators

Save money from hiring in-house representatives to cover your phones. Partner with us and receive superior customer support solutions from our veteran live phone operators. If you wish to learn more about our services, feel free to give us a call. You can also ask a member of our staff for an answering service estimate.